Our mission – To consistently deliver each project on time, to the complete satisfaction of the customer, and at the most competitive cost.

ROSSCLAIR Contractors is a Canadian-owned construction company, whose reputation for professional project management in the field of Construction has spanned forty plus years.
We focus our services in the Greater Toronto Area.

About Us

ROSSCLAIR has achieved COR™ Certification! We have demonstrated our ongoing commitment to the health and safety of all workers on all projects.

We strive to deliver each project on time with the least cost by continuously improving and enhancing operations, and processes. We offer a full range of services that include: construction management, additions, project management and lump sum construction.

Some of our main focus areas involve interior retrofits within the Greater Toronto Area, as well as building expansions. These projects allow us to work closely with our clients to transform their existing spaces to meet current and future growth needs.


Our best work comes from listening and understanding our client’s construction needs. We are committed to service excellence and by adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of the market, we are able deliver a Total Quality Management system. Not only does that help us meet the needs of each project but provides us with an enhanced understanding of the scope of the work, which in turn saves time and money.

We work with the private and public sectors, whose requirements and expectations drive our planning for every project. We  also work together with our clients, provide regular updates, and present any unforeseen obstacles that may alter schedules, to ensure delivery of our service meets your schedule and stays within your budget.


We work for you. Your design needs, be they a retrofit of existing spaces, an expansion, or new construction, are discussed, assessed and executed on according to your expectations, timeline and budget. We want each project to be as customized as possible and therefore bring sophisticated site personnel to the construction site.

Having people onsite gives us the ability to see and hear what your needs are, thereby providing you the tools to meet your design needs. In the past 10 years we have completed 350 projects to the specifications of our clients. Your future goals, plus our dedicated team, equals customized construction solutions that will satisfy not only your design needs but you bottom line, as well.