Who We Are

ROSSCLAIR Contractors Inc.

With a more than 40-year track record, and an unparalleled reputation for professional management in the field of construction, Canadian-owned ROSSCLAIR Contractors is committed to service excellence.

Over time, as with other small businesses, ROSSCLAIR Contractors has adapted to changes and advances in the construction industry.

We have a very long list of well-completed construction projects, such as health care and long-term care facilities, places of worship, detention institutions, manufacturing facilities, recreational facilities and transportation facilities. Our projects also include commercial tenant fit-outs as well as new commercial building ground-up additions and renovations. Our clients are from both the public and private sectors.

ROSSCLAIR Contractors Inc.'s policy is to provide the business sector with service excellence. This includes implementing new technologies and a team approach, regardless of size and complexity of a project.

The main strength of ROSSCLAIR Contractors Inc. has been its tradition of finding cost effective solutions to satisfy customers needs, combined with quality performance, in order to deliver each project in the least amount of time.

To assure clients of its dedication to professionalism and teamwork, ROSSCLAIR Contractors focuses on providing sophisticated site personnel to bring a highly customized client approach. The belief in the company-wide team approach is what sets ROSSCLAIR Contractors apart from other contractors.

ROSSCLAIR Contractors is dedicated to excellence in general contracting and construction management. Contact us today to discuss your construction project plans.





Our Management Team

Sean Richardson


Sean has an excellent track record of demonstrated performance and managing multiple large and complex projects. With extensive construction experience, contract management, and project oversight, Sean understands risk management implications.

Ed Burns


Ed has spearheaded the transition and development of ROSSCLAIR's operations. Ed plays a lead role in Business Development with a particular emphasis on resourcing and customer relations.

Scott Cowie

Business Group Leader

Scott’s business development plan is to lead the way with strategic initiatives, as he supports the brokerage and design communities. Scott focuses on service excellence, accountability and results for his clients and colleagues.

Kathy Hogeveen

Director of Finance & Admin

Kathy is the glue that keeps the company connected and running smoothly. This has resulted in her aggressively putting into place procedures and processes in all areas and implementing new software so each project is controlled from start to finish.

Connor Faloona

Executive Vice-President

Connor is responsible for both business development and assisting in Operations at ROSSCLAIR, Connor develops new opportunities and process management to ensure customer satisfaction from beginning to end

The way a team operates as a whole determines its success. Without a core team of quality and effective employees it is impossible for a business to stand apart, build a brand, and develop a unique customer experience. ROSSCLAIR's recipe for successful achievement is to have a team of people that give it their best, seize their opportunities, and recognize that they are a valued member of the team.

Our History

Founded by John Richardson in 1975, ROSSCLAIR Contractors has remained family-owned and operated ever since. John’s eldest son, Sean, followed in his father’s footsteps when in 2003 he took over as President of the company. Not only have the projects grown in size and scope over the years but Sean has also expanded his executive team to service specific roles needed by our construction clients.